Mark Wilson,  An Experienced Audit Professional to do the Job
The One Candidate Truly Qualified to get the Job Done

The Washington State Auditor's Office requires a seasoned and
experienced auditing and financial professional.  Not another career
politician.  Mark Wilson is such a professional.

Over Thirty Years of Professional and Managerial Experience:
  • Financial
  • Performance
  • Operational
  • Financial Recovery
  • Audit Management
Forensic Accountant
Fraud Examiner
Financial Manager
University Lecturer
Accounting Manager
Financial Investigator
As a vastly experienced auditing, fraud investigation, and
financial management professional, Mark brings the skills and
knowledge required to successfully and efficiently manage the
Washington State Auditor's Office.
Additional Qualifications:
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
MBA in Financial Management
Licensed Investigator (WA State)
Wilson for Washington State Auditor (I)
Semper Vigilans, Always Vigilant
There is No Substitute For Real-World, Professional Experience
Why I'm an Independent
A professional auditor
must remain truly
independent and objective
in his or her work.  
Because of this I have
advocated that the
Washington State Auditor
needs to be a
"non-partisan" position.  
And even though I was
approached by one of this
states major parties, I
have elected to run as an
independent.  In effect I
have no party loyalties
and owe no one, political
party, major corporation,
etc, any favors.  The only
individuals I owe are the
citizens of Washington